I got to know Kim as an Adoption Manager for Google for Education. Just when Signpost was in full 'Google growth', the Signpost Group could often count on her knowledge and enthusiastic support. Being easy to reach is a typical Google quality which Kim certainly shares. She is able to act and react quickly.

Very quickly Kim knew all the Google Apps in full detail. For example, she could always advise Google Partners about webinars or participate in our webinars as a trainer. In addition to that, she recorded webinars that we could later use again and again. Being able to work with someone with Kim’s knowledge is an important benefit.

Alain Leuregans - EMEA Google Business Development Manager - Signpost Group

I have worked together with Kim on several Google Workspace projects. It is my personal experience that working together with Kim guarantees a successful project. She is inspired and inspirational, driven and creative, punctual and enthusiastic. Knows what has to be done and has a clear view of the best approach of the job.

Another important quality of Kim is that she is able to beautifully express her ideas in words and phrases and certainly also in writing. Making up and activating a good project plan does not give her any problem. Kim is an excellent and reliable co-operative partner.

Shirley van de Velde - Google Certified Trainer and Innovator

I got in touch with Kim through the Dutch Google Educator Group (GEG). I immediately noticed that she is a true Google For Education wizard. As a Google Reference school SBSO Zonnebos (the school I work for) organised a real Google Discovery Day. Kim helped us enormously with the start-up of this project and, as Adoption Program Manager, put us in touch with the right people. Meanwhile, I onboarded the Google Educator Group BE/NL as a leader myself. As GEG we already organised several offline and online events. Certainly also thanks to Kim's expertise about Google for Education, these events were always organised smoothly.

In short: it is always a true pleasure to work with Kim!

Kristof Van Dyck - IT coordinator - SBSO Zonnebos (Flanders)

As the INOS school board, we use the Google Workspace environment and Chromebooks for both pupils and staff. We have frequent periodic consultations with Google about our experiences and requirements, with Kim as our discussion partner. We found these contacts very pleasant, effective and meaningful. This has everything to do with Kim's personality and drive, but certainly with the way she works and her knowledge of IT tools and how they can be used to enrich our education. Kim always makes time and takes the time for you. She understands what is needed and gets to work on it within the organisation. She follows through on commitments and always provides feedback on the status of previously discussed matters.

We therefore hope to be able to use her qualities even more to further enrich the education of our students together using good and well-considered use of IT resources.

Hans Miegielsen - Information Manager - Stichting INOS Breda