Kim is the founder of the EdTech Way. She lives in the south of the Netherlands with her family of four (two young daughters). Kim has worked 15+ years in education with a (huge) touch of tech since she finished her own education.

Kim’s goal has always been helping as many teachers as possible to better use tech for improving their education. Ultimately, she wants students to be enabled to reach their best potential. Technology can help, but teachers are key.

Kim’s reach grew tremendously during her working years: from school, to school group, to interactive whiteboard and digital learning environment users (mostly in the Netherlands), to Google Workspace and Chromebook users in the Netherlands and Belgium. Kim is planning on expanding to the Nordics and beyond in the near future.

As a native Dutch speaker, Kim has knowledge about the needs for teacher programs and local content in non-English markets. This doesn’t just apply to the Netherlands but also Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Austria and many more European countries. If you need us, wherever you are… Just let us know!